In February 2008 starts the development of a new one-axis tracker plant in Murcia of 7,8 MWp. With a total investment of 58,800M€ and 14% of equity funding, this plant was connected to the grid in August 2008. (Feed-in tariff RD 661).

Until now, the plant has produced 47.047 MW, saving CO2 emissions to the atmosphere equivalent to 16.4665 Tn. This is equivalent to the total carbon footprint produced by 672 Spanish during the lifetime of the asset. Likewise, the plant production would cover the average annual consumption of more than 3.360 families.

In July 2008 Eland acquired a 49% stake in a fixed solar plant of 5,6 MWP in Cuenca. This plant entailed an investment of 38,538M€ and was successfully sold to a co-investor in 2009.

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